In a surprising move, music streaming giant TIDAL has slashed prices on its premium HiFi tier by nearly half. Starting April 10th, the HiFi Plus plan will be reduced to just $10.99 per month – a 45% discount from its previous $19.99 price tag.

The new lower-cost TIDAL subscription matches direct competitors like Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. But audiofile fans say TIDAL still has the edge when it comes to sound quality and immersive formats. TIDAL is phasing out its free tier to focus on premium subscriptions. But music lovers on a budget can still get TIDAL premium for $4.99 a month through the student discount program.

Industry watchers are surprised by TIDAL’s aggressive price cut. As the first major service to offer high-fidelity audio, TIDAL has long positioned itself as a premium player. But the new $10.99 price pulls it directly in line with mainstream rivals.

Early adopters credit TIDAL with bringing immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 into the mainstream. Thousands of tracks from top artists now support object-based surround mixing, transporting listeners inside the music. Even classic hits take on new life in three-dimensional SoundScape formats.

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Whether the bold price reduction can lure new subscribers while keeping current fans remains to be seen. But for audiophiles seeking the ultimate music experience, TIDAL may just cement its status as the highest-quality streaming bargain around.

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