In a move to streamline its offerings and better compete in the music streaming marketplace, Tidal has consolidated its hi-resolution audio tiers into a single, more affordable plan. As of April 10th, subscribers now have full access to Tidal’s extensive library of over 110 million tracks in both lossless and hi-res quality for $10.99 per month.

Previously, Tidal offered the HiFi and HiFi Plus plans at different price points to access standard lossless or higher-resolution content. But the new Individual plan bundles it all together at a monthly fee on par with popular services like Apple Music. Existing HiFi Plus members will automatically transition to the revamped subscription.

In addition to crisp, digital-quality playback, Tidal continues to offer spatial audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Subscribers can also download tracks for offline listening, enjoy extensive editorial playlists and live sessions, and access special artist content. Add-on options include a Family plan for up to 6 accounts and a discounted Student rate.

A key strength of Tidal remains its vast hi-res library, which grows by around 200,000 new high-definition tracks weekly. The service was among the pioneers in this audio space but previously charged higher rates than some rivals. The restructured pricing scheme aims to entice more listeners with competitive monthly costs and a simplified selection of subscription tiers.

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The move stands apart from Spotify’s recent 9% subscription hike for individual plans. By streamlining its offerings and matching top competitors on price, Tidal makes a play to attract more subscribers curious to experience music in its highest possible quality. Only time will tell if the new approach resonates in today’s crowded streaming marketplace.

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