New York rapper Ice Spice has said that icons like Lana Del Rey and Rihanna helped shape her as an artist. In a recent interview with Billboard, where she was named their 2024 Women In Music Hitmaker, Ice Spice opened up about some of her biggest inspirations.

At the top of her list was Lana Del Rey. “I’m obsessed with her,” Ice Spice said. ” and I feel like all of her songs are hits, even the ones that aren’t as big as the others.” Ice Spice also owns Del Rey’s vinyls, showing how much the singer’s work resonates with her.


Rihanna earned high praise as well. Other artists she highlighted included Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. “Rihanna too. Taylor Swift. Of course, Nicki Minaj. Drake. The list is long!””

Ice Spice has been spending time with Del Rey at industry events lately. She also shared advice Swift gave her in the studio: “No matter what, just keep making music.” This shows how Ice Spice is soaking up wisdom from the artists who came before her.

© John Shearer/Getty Images for MTV

Her upcoming debut album “Y2K” promises to take inspiration from these legends while carving out her own lane. Ice Spice calls it some of her “best work” and can’t wait for fans to hear the “sweet and to the point” finished product dropping in 2024. With luminaries like Del Rey and Rihanna lighting the way, Ice Spice is poised for mainstream success.

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