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Get ready to shake it off, because Gelsenkirchen, Germany, is officially embracing its inner Swiftie. The town, known for its VELTINS-Arena, is undergoing a full-blown Taylor Swift transformation in anticipation of her highly anticipated Eras Tour.

The whole thing started with a lighthearted petition by a dedicated fan, Aleshanee Westhoff, who jokingly suggested renaming the town “Swiftkirchen” in honor of the pop icon. But the mayor, Karin Wedge, wasn’t laughing. She loved the idea and, in a move that’s sure to make every Swiftie swoon, announced the temporary name change on the city’s website.

Westhoff, the mastermind behind this epic fan tribute, was given the honor of unveiling the first “Swiftkirchen” street sign, adorned with a picture of Taylor and some clever song-inspired stickers. The city’s PR department, clearly on board with the Swiftie takeover, promises a flood of these signs popping up in high-traffic areas.

But that’s not all! Gelsenkirchen is pulling out all the stops to create a truly unforgettable experience for fans. A “Taylor Swift tram” is now cruising around the city, offering a perfect photo opportunity for any Swiftie. The city is also building a temporary spot for Taylor on its Walk of Fame and throwing a massive outdoor party for those who couldn’t snag tickets to the concerts.

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