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Rapper Cardi B is making waves again with her outspoken political views. When one critic tweeted that Cardi had “betrayed our country and turned Republican,” the Bronx native was quick to shut that rumor down.

“I will never turn republican lol,” Cardi replied firmly. It’s no secret that the Grammy winner stands against the Republican party. Back in May, she expressed frustration with both major presidential candidates, saying she doesn’t “f*ck” with either of Biden or Trump.

Once a supporter of Biden in 2020, Cardi has voiced disappointment in his administration so far. Previously, she also sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss his vision.

While Cardi has encouraged voting in the past, this year she’s disillusioned by the choices. After the testy presidential debate last week, it’s easy to understand her viewpoint. With her signature blunt honesty, the rapper isn’t hiding how she really feels about politicians on either side of the aisle.

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