TikTok continues striving to enhance the experience for music creators on their platform. Their latest initiatives introduced greater promotional tools under the new ‘Artist Account’ section.

Creators will benefit from increased flexibility in showcasing and highlighting their musical talents. As explained by Paul Hourican, TikTok’s director of musical collaborations, these adjustments aim to “empower artists by providing them with the tools they need to reach new heights on TikTok”

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Features like a distinguishing ‘artist tag’ and customized ‘music tab’ allow producers to effectively curate and organize their discography within the app. Creators can also draw attention to upcoming drops, pin a selection to remain at the top of their profile, and share inspiring backstories behind songs in a “Behind The Song” area.

In addition to Artist Accounts, TikTok’s music saving ability through Spotify and Amazon is helping to “deepen engagement whilst creating unique opportunities for fans to connect with their favourite artists in meaningful ways.” The company believes these tools combined help uncover new artists while strengthening existing bonds between creative talents and their supporters. The end result is more music discovery occurring organically within the platform.

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