It’s been a big week for pop music as the summer of 2023 comes to a close. Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus both released new singles on Friday, August 25th, treating fans to their first new music in several months.

Gomez dropped “Single Soon,” a flirty kiss-off anthem telling her summer lover that she’s ready to be carefree and unattached now that the warm weather is drawing to an end. Meanwhile, Cyrus shared the vulnerable ballad “Used to Be Young,” reflecting on the highs and lows of her tumultuous journey in the spotlight over the past decade.

While some speculated whether their label coordinated the releases to avoid competition, the stars have nothing but support for one another. Their fans have enthusiastically embraced both new tracks, sharing their opinions online but without toxicity or rivalry between the artists’ devotees.

The same can be said of Ariana Grande, who also gifted her fans with a special anniversary surprise on Friday – a deluxe 10th anniversary edition of her breakthrough debut album Yours Truly. It includes previously unreleased live recordings from her early concerts.

Performance of “Baby I” Live from London by Ariana Grande from the album Yours Truly

Major releases like these help create cultural moments at the tail end of the summer season. Even if the songs don’t achieve smash commercial success, sharing the listening experience with others and debating the merits of each project brings people joy.

Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande attend the 2014 MTV Video Music // Getty Images

In an age of information overload, events like this feel like a refreshing break. Like a cool beverage on a hot day, these pop princess rollouts are a simple pleasure and diversion from everyday stresses. Fans can awaken to fresh tunes, decide which they prefer, and move forward positively rather than engaging in toxic fandom wars.

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez on the set of Hannah Montana in 2007

As the sun sets on summer 2023’s musical offerings, Selena, Miley, and Ariana have certainly delivered sweet final offerings to remember the season by. While the next few months hold many more highly-anticipated pop drops, these August 25th gems will stand as one last hurrah for the summer jam era.

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