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In the ongoing copyright dispute between stream-ripping site Yout and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), YouTube’s perspective remains unclear despite being central to key issues.

During last week’s appeals court hearing, Yout’s lawyer emphasized the need for YouTube’s direct input. Judge Richard Sullivan seemed to agree, noting “YouTube’s staying out of it and we’re kind of guessing.”

The case examines whether YouTube has technical measures preventing downloads, as the RIAA argues Yout circumvents copyright by facilitating rips. However, Yout’s lawyer Evan Witzer stressed that without questioning YouTube, its intentions regarding such protections remain uncertain.

Judge Pierre Leval highlighted YouTube’s business interest in viewers consuming videos on its platform for ads. But Witzer responded that if this was a concern, “one would expect an amicus brief from YouTube, and you don’t.”

Elsewhere, Sullivan questioned the RIAA lawyer about downloads remaining possible through a browser, though complicated. He doubted the lower court rightly deemed this a technical protection without further evidence.

It was Yout that originally sued the RIAA for trying to remove it from Google searches. Though the trade group had the suit dismissed, Yout appealed on the basis that open questions merited discovery and expert testimony to consider complex copyright technicalities and their right interpretations.

Throughout, the absent YouTube party remained pivotal context, its understanding apparently crucial to properly resolving the legal issues at hand between Yout and the RIAA over copyright and protection measures on streaming platforms.

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