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Nicki Minaj shocked fans by abruptly canceling her headlining performance at Romania’s SAGA Festival on Sunday night. The decision came just hours before her set, leaving many wondering what prompted the sudden change of plans.

In a tweet, Minaj cited safety concerns, explaining that her security detail advised against traveling to Romania due to planned protests in the city. “As a mom, I have to make sure I’m making sound decisions for me to make it home to my son and for my team to make it home to their families. To not heed the advice of security at this time is simply not what I think I should be doing. I love you and thank you for your understanding and support,” she shared, emphasizing her commitment to getting home to her son.

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SAGA Festival organizers expressed their disappointment, stating that the cancellation was entirely out of their control and had nothing to do with the festival itself. They assured ticket holders that refunds would be issued for the sold-out event.

While Minaj didn’t specify the nature of the protest, reports indicate that civil society groups planned a demonstration on Monday, July 8th, demanding fiscal policy changes. Despite the protest being expected to be peaceful and relatively small, Minaj’s security team deemed it a significant enough risk to warrant canceling her appearance.

Despite the setback, Minaj reassured fans that she’ll be back on stage this Friday in London for her highly anticipated Wireless Festival performance.

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