NewJeans’ CEO Min Heejin got candid and emotional at a press conference on May 31, opening up about her recent legal battle and expressing gratitude to fans who had her back. Flashing a relieved smile, she took the mic saying, “I’m relieved because I’m here after winning the case. There are many reasons for holding this press conference, but first and foremost, I wanted to share my thoughts on the current situation.”

The ADOR leader didn’t hold back, her voice cracking as she thanked supporters. “These last events were some of the most difficult of my life, events that I never want to relive, but despite these difficulties, I was able to get through it thanks to many people. I would like to thank my acquaintances, those who encouraged me, and especially those who do not know me, and who expressed their concern about my fate” Min Heejin said. “I may be the President of a subsidiary of HYBE Labels, but what I consider my primary position is that of CEO of ADOR and there are times when my role as CEO of ADOR and President of a subsidiary come up against conflicting interests. When they accused ADOR of embezzlement, I wondered how this could be embezzlement. I am here to fulfill my duties as CEO of ADOR.”

She compounded that the accusations of embezzlement made no sense from her vantage point as ADOR’s CEO. “My priority has always been upholding the vision and ensuring the success of NewJeans. If that means sacrificing money, so be it – protecting our artistic goals matters more to me.”

The months-long internal clash took its toll both emotionally and logistically for Min Heejin and theNewJeans members. “Now that my name has been cleared, I have more room to make decisions, but all I want to do is accomplish what I set out to do with the NewJeans team, bring to fruition the vision I drew with this group. If you ask me to sacrifice money in exchange for this vision, I will do it because the vision we have drawn is more important to me.”

As for the ousted ADOR board members, Min Heejin says she expects them to remain involved due to their founding roles. “I believe the board members will continue to work for ADOR. As they are among the founding members of ADOR and they are needed in this company, they will continue to work for ADOR.”

In an olive branch gesture, she stated her desire to “rationally reconcile” with HYBE. “ I would like to propose a reconciliation to HYBE. Although I was not the one who started this argument, I am taking this opportunity to express my intention to remain with ADOR as CEO. If my only concern was my own future, my choice would be different, but if I continue to work on the plans I have considered with the members of NewJeans, I don’t think it will cause losses to anyone. So I want to propose a rational approach. Recent events have also hurt me emotionally

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