The musicians’ union representing artists in the United States and Canada struck a tentative agreement with the movie and television studios that will update pay terms for the incorporation of music in film and television. The American Federation of Musicians’ bargaining committee is fully backing a deal that they say overwhelmingly favors working musicians.

Specific contract provisions are being kept under wraps until union members under the Theatrical and TV contracts can vote.

As the lead negotiator for the AFM, President Tino Gagliardi hailed the deal as a “historic breakthrough.” He stated that streaming residuals have been boosted, safeguards are now in place against overreliance on AI, salaries are rising meaningfully, and other important victories were achieved. In Gagliardi’s view, this watershed agreement guarantees fair treatment for the livelihoods of those who compose soundtracks.

Prior to putting it to a membership vote, the international executive board must sign off.

Gagliardi commended the “unwavering dedication” of Fair Share negotiators in fighting for equitable pay reflective of musicians’ value, as well as contractual language securing their niche amid industry evolution. He thanked sister unions SAG-AFTRA, WGA, IATSE, and Teamsters for showing solidarity that augmented bargaining clout. Gagliardi also thanked AMPTP president Carol Lombardini and studio leadership for facilitating a resolution.

“When we have solidarity in the labor movement, we can achieve great things,” said Gagliardi. Members will soon decide if the fruits of cooperation have born contract terms deserving of approval.

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