Have you ever found yourself immersed in a song on Apple Music, wondering who was responsible for bringing that particular track to life? With the latest iOS 17 update, Apple has introduced an easy way to satisfy your curiosity – song credits are now displayed directly within the Apple Music app.

For years, music streaming competitors like Spotify have given users insight into the performers, songwriters, producers, and engineers that craft each composition. Apple Music users have requested a similar feature, and it has finally arrived.

Checking credits on Apple Music is simple. Start playback of any song or station, then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Select “View Credits” from the menu to see a breakdown of roles. This includes the lead artist, lyricists, composers, and production/engineering team. You can also check if the track supports high-quality formats like Dolby Atmos and lossless audio.

The song credits screen offers a glimpse into the collaboration behind the scenes that brings songs to life. While enhancing the listening experience, it celebrates the talent and creativity that goes into each musical work.

For iPhone users running the latest iOS 17, Apple Music now shares this layer of context. Unfortunately, the credits view is not yet available on the Android version of the app. But with any luck, it will continue expanding to more devices over time.

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