Despite the rise of TikTok and other newer platforms vying for our attention, Facebook remains king when it comes to amassing a sizable fan base. With upgrades like the following feed and enhanced formats like Reels, it’s still making good use of its massive user base of over 3 billion people. Here are some insights on maximizing the platform.

Facebook keeps catering to creators with features inside their Professional Dashboard. Access it from your Page by clicking the “Manage” button; you’ll find guides, best practices, and analytics to level up your strategy.

Reels are where it’s at these days. Add lyrics that scroll along your videos so folks get the full experience even on mute. Try the “Add Yours” sticker to spark trends among your followers, too. And auto-crosspost Reels to bring fans from Instagram into the Facebook flock. Planning posts in bulk? The Creator Studio has you covered.

Analytics give you the real picture of what resonates. See watch times, reach, and total minutes viewed to optimize future clips. Business Suite shows engagement metrics galore too, like shares, likes, and play counts.

Came for the memories, staying for the feed. Facebook’s take on chronological viewing keeps nostalgia and FOMO alive, separate from the algorithm.

While the shiny new apps beckon, Facebook’s roots run deep. Over a billion check-ins daily, so keep cultivating your community there for massive potential connections worldwide. Don’t neglect this powerhouse in your content strategy.

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