Have you ever wondered how your music streaming choices might be judged by another? A new site called “How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?” lets you do just that – but with a twist.

Designed by the online publication The Pudding, this project uses conversational dialogue to mimic a snarky artificial intelligence persona. It examines your listening history from Apple Music or Spotify and delivers witty commentary on your tastes.

The AI character is not afraid to roast many of your selections, either! It will ask follow-up questions too, trying to understand your music preferences more. Ultimately, it assigns an overall score out of 100 for your streaming selections.

On the site, tap the big “Find Out” button to initiate the process. It will then guide you through connecting one of the major apps like Spotify. Rest assured, the website only temporarily accesses public data and stores no login credentials.

Once linked, prepare for the pettiness as the pretend critic drills you with trippingly sarcastic questions about each noted artist. Thick skin is good because some remarks can sting! Also, be warned that the sass sometimes involves profanity.

When finish answering, you finally unlock your score. Take it with a grain of salt, though, as the numbers tend to skew low. Still, it makes for a fun diversion to let an imaginary AI take a playful stab at your sonic sensibilities. So why not see how badly this bot pans your beloved playlists?

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