Music streaming platform Deezer is launching a new initiative called the Purple Club to foster intimate connections between fans and their favorite artists. After rebranding last year with an emphasis on “living the music,” Deezer sees the Purple Club as an evolution of that vision.

The Purple Club offers members exclusive access to special artist events through contests on the Deezer app. Prizes range from intimate live performances to exclusive album release parties. Deezer hopes this will bring fans and artists closer together in novel ways.

Whether it’s catching a soundcheck before a sold-out show or joining an artist in the studio before a new album drops, the Purple Club creates unique experiential opportunities for superfans. Deezer subscribers can now discover and enter these contests through the new Purple Club tab.

Some examples of Purple Club experiences include “Purple Door” performances built around an artist’s creative process and vibe, listening sessions with artists prior to album releases, and “Front Row XP” packages that transport fans directly onto the stage. Exclusive ticket access to highly coveted shows is also up for grabs.

While Deezer saw successful growth in 2023, it did not quite keep pace with competitors like Spotify or Tencent’s surging numbers. Earlier this year also saw a change in leadership as the former CEO departed and an interim took over ahead of appointing a new permanent CEO.

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