Taylor Swift’s latest documentary film ‘The Eras Tour’ has found an unlikely ally and supporter in acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. While promoting his upcoming film ‘Oppenheimer’ at a recent event, Nolan praised Swift’s bold decision to distribute the concert documentary independently without a major studio.

Nolan acknowledged that Swift bypassed the traditional studio system by partnering directly with theater chain AMC for the nationwide release. In his view, this model showcases an innovative approach that places creative control fully in the hands of the artist. He stated that Swift will demonstrate to studios their dispensability, as AMC distribution will undoubtedly result in enormous box office returns.

So far, the predictions of success have been accurate. Advance ticket sales for ‘The Eras Tour’ vastly surpassed comparable concert docs, setting it up for one of the top performances ever. Upon its theatrical launch, the film shattered records by earning over $93 million domestically and $123.5 million worldwide in its opening weekend. Critical reception has also been overwhelmingly positive for what is described as a cinematic experience unlike any other from Swift or her peers.

By self-releasing through AMC rather than a major label, Swift challenged norms and maintained autonomy over her work’s distribution. Nolan evidently respects this entrepreneurial spirit and confidence in independent creative vision, believing it represents anmodel that other artists may increasingly pursue in the future.

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