The highly anticipated solo debut album from Kim Taehyung, better known as V of BTS, has taken the international music scene by storm. “Layover” and its lead single “Slow Dancing” immediately reached the top spots across various charts upon release, cementing V as a powerhouse artist.

The album made history by achieving over 220K sales on its first day, hitting number one on Japan’s daily Oricon album chart. This set a new record and demonstrated fans’ excitement to hear V’s solo work. “Slow Dancing” also ranked at number one on the Oricon digital singles list. Impressively, several other tracks like “Blue”, “For Us”, and the piano version of “Slow Dancing” placed within the top six spots.

V’s broad global influence was clear. “Slow Dancing” debuted impressively at number 11 on Spotify’s daily global songs chart, receiving over 4.7 million filtered streams in just one day. All tracks from “Layover” entered the top 60 of Spotify’s worldwide rankings. The full album dominated as songs such as “Love Me Again”, “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, “For Us”, and the piano version of “Slow Dancing” settled securely within the top fifty-five spots. This chart takeover showed V’s ability to resonate widely with different styles of music.

Prior to these accomplishments, “Layover” had set records by reaching number one on iTunes charts in many countries. Remarkably, it achieved the highest first-day sales ever for a solo album according to Hanteo, highlighting V’s immense popularity as a soloist. On release day, V received an outpouring of love and support from fans, fellow BTS members, and his Wooga Squad friends. The music world anticipates with bated breath for what’s next as V continues making his indelible mark globally.

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