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All members of the hugely popular South Korean boy band BTS are now enlisting or preparing to serve in the country’s military, as their hiatus continues. Their label Big Hit Music recently announced that RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook have started the process of fulfilling their compulsory military duties. The company reassured fans that they will support the artists throughout their service and welcome their safe return afterward.

South Korean law requires all able-bodied men to serve 18 months in the military by age 28. While an amendment in 2020 allowed some celebrity artists to delay until 30, the oldest BTS member, Jin turned 30 in 2022 and enlisted as the first.

The band had also announced earlier that year they would take a break from group activities to focus on individual projects. Two members, J-Hope and Suga, began their service in early 2023.

Big Hit Music estimates BTS will reconvene as a full group around 2025 once the enlistment period is completed. The label said now was the appropriate time for the internationally acclaimed band’s members to serve their country as healthy young men.

Formed in 2013, BTS went on to achieve global superstardom with chart-topping singles across over 100 countries. They were the 5th most listened-to act on Spotify worldwide in 2022 and dominated as the top K-pop artist. All seven members will now fulfill their mandatory military duties before reuniting their massive international fan base once more.

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