Kevork Djansezian/NBC, Getty Images

Wiz Khalifa recently opened up to Jennifer Hudson about the tight bond he shares with his mom, Peachie. During the fun interview, Wiz divulged some unexpected details about the adventures he and his mother enjoy together.

Beyond typical mother-son activities, Wiz says he and Peachie have a habit of frequenting strip clubs and music festivals side by side. ” Me and my mom do everything together. We go to the strip club together, we went to Mexico, we went to Coachella together. We do everything. That’s my dawg,” he told Jennifer

Wiz’s affection for his mother was evident as he gushed about her personality. “Peachy’s a superstar. If you meet her, you’ll fall in love with her.” he boasted. For Wiz, every day feels like a celebration of Peachie.

Despite their atypical outings, family remains a top priority for Wiz. He treasures simple moments at home with Peachie and his son, Sebastian. “Just being in the house and doing everything around the house. I really value that, and that time is really special to me,” he shared.

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