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Spotify has big plans to roll out a superior streaming experience later this year. According to sources familiar with the platform’s strategies, a pricier Premium subscription is in the works that will take listener’s music to the next level.

Dubbed the “Supremium” tier internally, this top-tier option is said to come with a $5 surcharge over standard Premium. As a bonus membership, existing subscribers can upgrade their accounts for sweetened features beyond the normal playlists and library tools.

Most exciting of all, Supremium will treat audiophiles’ ears to hi-resolution audio. This lossless quality promises to unlock even more subtle tones and textures within fan-favorite tracks. A true music lover’s dream!

Spotify sees an appetite for heightened fidelity. This upgraded experience looks to deliver where competitors already have, and rake in big bucks doing so. Insiders estimate the Supremium subscription could singlehandedly generate hundreds of millions in new revenue streams.

Not content to rest on past successes, Spotify continues experimenting with different subscription models too. Just last month, a “Basic” plan dropped in the UK without audiobook access for a discounted $10.99.

Streaming wars are as fierce as ever, but it seems Spotify’s staying ahead of the curve. With billions of tracks at their fingertips, they’ll keep listeners loyal by upping the experience at every turn.

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