Apple Music is rolling out powerful new analytics tools to help record labels and music distributors uncover trends and opportunities. Their new “Partner Program” gives insider access to how songs are spreading globally.

Through advanced dashboards and APIs, partners can track what’s taking off on Apple Music streaming and radio stations worldwide. This includes over 4,500 real-time music charts from over 270 regions. Shazam technology also monitors over 40,000 radio stations in over 200 countries.

The tools aim to help labels “break the next talent” and spot rising artists. They can follow milestones as performers climb the charts. Partners even get early invites to virtual Apple events.

Believe Music, one of the first partner labels, said they’re excited to explore the new possibilities. As a pilot partner, they’ve seen the toolkit’s potential. The CEO said it “opens the pathway to break more artists.” They look forward to using the insights to increase reach on Apple Music and beyond.

Artists themselves can also check how popular they’re getting with Apple’s “For Artists” app and dashboards. Like Spotify’s similar tools, it provides daily streaming numbers.


This “premium” program goes deeper though. Partners gain “Premier Support” from Apple experts. They help with tasks like uploading music or updating profiles. All together, the tools give unprecedented insight into the global music landscape.

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