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Artificial Intelligence has already demonstrated its prowess in the domains of generative music and audio engineering, leaving an indelible mark of success. However, according to a recent poll, a significant majority of producers are feeling vulnerable to the possibility of being replaced by AI.

 The question that looms large now is what implications will AI have for the future of music production? To answer this, a new survey was conducted to gather insights from music producers on their perceptions of AI and whether the burgeoning field will be a boon or a bane to their creative endeavors.

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Streaming services are currently experiencing a surge in the popularity of music created by artists such as the contentious AI Drake, among others. Meanwhile, technological pioneers such as Google have developed a new generative AI tool, MusicLM, that is shaping the future of text-to-music production. Although artificial intelligence has only recently entered the music industry, its impact has already proven significant, and it shows no signs of being a mere passing trend.

Recent developments and other factors have prompted Bedroom Producers Blog to conduct a survey of 1,500 producers about their views on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in creative arts. The results show that 86% of those surveyed believe that AI will take the place of traditional music production tools. Furthermore, 73% of respondents believe that AI could eventually replace human producers in the creative process.

Artificial intelligence has indisputably demonstrated its capacity to amplify productivity in the areas of mixing and mastering, synthesis, and even fully autonomous music generation. In fact, novel use cases and cutting-edge tools appear to emerge on a daily basis, leading 36% of respondents to assert that they have seamlessly integrated AI into their daily tool stack in the studio.

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