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YouTube Music may soon get a major boost thanks to conversational AI. Sources familiar with upcoming app updates have uncovered clues that point to a slick new “Ask for Music” search feature in the works.

Rumors first swirled when eager fans digging through the code of the YouTube Music app (version 7.06.53 for Android) found hints of an intriguing capability buried within files called “conversational_text_input.xml”. This suggests searches could take on a more natural dialog with the service.

Gone may be the days of rigid queries, if rollout goes as planned, YouTube Music users will reportedly be able to find tunes by describing what they’re looking for verbally. Think chatting with a friend and asking to play “that sample from that one song” instead of typing out long-winded search terms. Powered by advances in natural language processing, it should understand preferences even when loosely expressed.

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The potential for conversational searching has big implications. Not only would it streamline music discovery, but also follow in Google’s footsteps of bringing more human-like qualities to AI. Examples elsewhere like the Google Assistant demonstrate how conversational interfaces can improve engagement for consumers.

YouTube Music already allows voice commands for search, so this would seemingly take functionality up a notch. Still early in development as responses may yet vary in reliability. But given the service’s existing integration with Google’s AI prowess plus its momentum-enhancing features throughout 2021, fans have real reason for optimism here.

Stay tuned for updates on when “Ask for Music” may debut. YouTube Music could steal the show if it delivers on letting users chat naturally with AI to find their next favorite tunes.

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