Artificial intelligence is advancing at an unprecedented pace and transforming many industries. At YouTube, they recognize both the promise and responsibility that comes with these new technologies. With this in mind, YouTube’s leadership has been in discussions with major players in the music world on how to progress jointly.

YouTube and music have shared a deep bond practically since YouTube’s inception. The platform connected fans globally and became home to iconic music videos and rising stars. Through innovations like YouTube Music and livestreaming, they’ve brought communities closer while respecting creators’ rights.

Now, YouTube is partnering with Universal Music Group and others on an AI framework. Their three principles aim to enhance music’s expression, protect artists, and ensure integrity.

The first is embracing AI’s potential responsibly. Millions already use AI daily, and YouTube creators apply it to boost creativity. In 2023 alone, over 1.7 billion have viewed AI-related videos. YouTube’s new Music AI Incubator will involve innovators like Anitta, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Juanes, and the Sinatra estate to explore generative AI.

Secondly, appropriate protections and opportunities must come with the new creative frontiers. YouTube has invested in tech like Content ID that generates billions for the industry while balancing interests. They’re eager to continue supporting artists financially.

Thirdly, YouTube will scale existing safety systems to emerging challenges. For example, policies prohibit manipulated media risking harm. Generative AI may exacerbate issues, but can also help identify them. YouTube is committed to protecting communities through evolving detection.

Through open discussion and specific collaborations, YouTube aims to supercharge worldwide creativity while ensuring partners can succeed. Their framework establishes a foundation for navigating new possibilities together responsibly in service of fans, artists and the future of music.

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