AI music is the next big thing in the industry. More and more musicians are embracing artificial intelligence as a tool to augment their creativity and productivity. A recent study by Ditto Music found that over half of the artists they surveyed are already using AI in some form to create their music.

An impressive 77% said they would utilize AI to generate album artwork showing that visual AI tools are just as appealing. Mixing and mastering seem to be the most popular uses for AI with 66% saying they’d tap into AI for that. Only 62% said they’d actually use AI for production of music itself.

Lee Parsons, CEO of Ditto Music commented ““It’s encouraging to see so many musicians embracing advancements in technology and utilising AI as a creative aid,”

The rise of AI has been met with mixed reactions from artists. While some see AI as a helpful sidekick, others worry it could eventually replace human musicians. The debate is likely to continue as AI systems get more advanced and integrated into the music creation process.

The study results indicate a majority of today’s artists are open to AI and see value in what it offers. But there are still concerns about how far and in what capacities AI should be used. Like with any disruptive technology, finding the right balance that works for the industry and artists will be key.

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