Crafting the perfect playlist on Spotify takes time and care. However, coming across unfamiliar songs mixed in can be puzzling. Wondering how they got there? There are usually straightforward explanations.

Autoplay is a common culprit, adding related tracks automatically as you listen. This helps discovery but isn’t ideal if you curate playlists meticulously. Small playlists under 15 songs also get augmented with similar selections anyway.

Christian Hartmann/Reuters

Another option enhancing playlists out of your control is the “Enhance” feature. By analyzing what’s already included, it supplements each addition with a matching song. While convenient, deactivating it prevents random inclusions.

Even official Spotify playlists can evolve over time as their caretakers refine them. Once they stray from your original version, remaking it yourself with only your preferred selections is the surefire fix.

For free accounts, Spotify inserts tracks to expose users to more music. Upgrading removes this limitation and most autoplay annoyances.

Luckily, paid subscribers can disable both autoplay and enhancement. In settings, simply toggle autoplay off and deselect the enhancement star at the top of playlists. For stubborn cases, start a new playlist ensuring both are deactivated.

With a bit of tweaking, you can curb Spotify from arbitrarily mixing in tracks and maintain complete autonomy over customized playlists. A small effort protects the vision for each mood or event.

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