Spotify may finally be ready to deliver on their promise of lossless audio streaming. Some leaked screenshots online from the Spotify app suggest big changes are coming that will allow fans to enjoy their favorite music in higher quality sound.

The screenshots reveal Spotify is rebranding their long-awaited HiFi feature to “Lossless”, which will offer audio quality up to an incredible 2,117 kbps – that’s over 6 times better than the 320 kbps people normally get from Spotify. They’re also introducing new “Supremium” subscription plans to access this lossless quality.

Users will be able to check if their devices, internet connection, and bandwidth can handle the extremely high bitrates of lossless audio. The screenshots warn that Bluetooth audio may not fully support lossless, so wired headphones or Spotify Connect are recommended for the best experience.

Spotify seems to be in the final stages too, as the leaked screens show setup flows to introduce lossless audio to both new and existing users. While the quality isn’t fully enabled yet, this is a huge step forward after years of fans begging Spotify for CD-quality or hi-res streaming.

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