Selena Gomez recently dropped a new single called “Single Soon” and it has fans speculating about who or what inspired the lyrics. However, Gomez was quick to shut down rumors that the song is about her past relationship with singer The Weeknd.

On social media, many gossip outlets claimed that Gomez’s fans believe the lyrics reference her 10 month romance with The Weeknd back in 2017. But Gomez responded directly, asserting the  rumor “Couldn’t be more false.” She left no room for debate on the matter.

Naturally, people analyzed the lyrics for hints, since the protagonist considers ghosting their partner since “the weekend is almost here.” Some thought this referred to Gomez’s ex, given his stage name. But Gomez explained the track is “a playful anthem about being comfortable in your own skin and loving your own company… and it’s also really fun to dance to!

So while speculation will always surround celebrity relationships, Gomez was clear – this song isn’t a look back, but a look forward as she flies solo. Fans can dance to the carefree lyrics without searching for hidden meanings about past romances. Gomez is staying focused on appreciating herself.

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