iZotope’s Ozone has long been the gold standard in digital audio mastering suites, and their latest version 10 release takes things to new heights. Packed with innovative new modules, refined workflows, and an enhanced AI assistant, Ozone 10 gives users more power than ever to shape their sound.

Two new modules in particular stand out – Stabilizer and Impact. Stabilizer offers smooth, surgical control over a track’s frequency spectrum, with tools to gently massage the overall shape or notch out problematic resonances. Impact gives unprecedented control over micro-dynamics through four independent compressor bands. Together, these open new possibilities for nuanced audio sculpting.

Elsewhere, the Soft Clip module adds saturation for loudness boosting without distressing transients. The Imager sees improved stereo imaging with recovery of any narrowed information. And workflow is refined throughout, with touches like graphical dial replacing numeric controls.

But the real star may be the AI Assistant. Beyond its prior use of basic EQ and limiting, it now integrates the full suite of modules for holistic treatments. Reference matching takes it to a new level, analytically deriving profiles from hit genre tracks or custom references for matched tones, widths and feel. Results are bold yet balanced.

Of course, the AI provides a starting point rather than a finish line. But coupled with the gains throughout Ozone 10, it dramatically streamlines the path to a polished, impactful master. The suite retains its crown while raising the bar for what’s possible in digital audio refinement. Whether professional or amateur, all artists stand to benefit from iZotope’s continued innovation in the mastering domain. Ozone 10 strengthens their hold as leaders in the field.

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