Hollywood actress Halle Berry recently expressed disappointment with Canadian rapper Drake over his unauthorized use of her image on the album cover for his new single. Berry had infamously been slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards years ago, and a photo from this event was featured prominently without her consent.

In a post on social media, Berry explained that Drake had directly asked for her permission to utilize the picture, and she clearly told him no. However, he went ahead anyway which upset her. Berry felt this disrespectful act was essentially Drake giving her the middle finger. While the official album art ended up being a drawing by his son instead, Berry still took issue with the initial promo using her likeness.

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz/File Photo

In responses to followers, Berry reiterated that Drake did not get her approval to showcase the image from her past awards appearance. She saw this as disloyal behavior from an artist she had previously respected. Berry questioned what Drake meant by titling the song “Slime You Out” and agreed it carried questionable implications.

Despite the public criticism from Berry, Drake did not openly respond or offer an explanation for overriding her objections. He was reported to have cryptically posted about being confused by the whole ordeal on his Instagram story. It seems the A-list actress was genuinely displeased by Drake’s decision to disregard her clear refusal to participate in his new single’s promotion.

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