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Motherhood has prompted Katy Perry to scale back her wild partying days. At 39 years old with a young daughter, the pop star says it’s no longer acceptable to be hungover while caring for a child.

Perry recently wrapped up her Las Vegas residency, where she opened up to fans about how becoming a mom to three-year old Daisy has changed her lifestyle. During her twenties, Perry admitted to living fast and hard but says those days are behind her now that she’s responsible for a toddler.

Waking up early each morning to her daughter whether feeling under the weather or not, Perry expressed how inappropriate it would be to parent while nursing a hangover. She joked about Daisy’s frequent morning requests to “Wake up mom let’s watch Minions!” as motivation to curb late nights of heavy drinking.

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At her age, Perry mentioned even two drinks is enough to ruin the following day. The experience of motherhood has caused her to seriously reevaluate decisions around partying and alcohol. She finds new respect for artists like Pink who juggle touring with parenthood responsibilities.

Perry commended all mothers who manage to raise children while maintaining a career, doing school drop-offs and sandwiches, and still making time for fun. She feels lucky to have joined their ranks after previously only knowing life on the road sans kids.

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During her final show, Perry showered love on her daughter Daisy, calling the little girl her “best friend” who she’s thrilled to have with her. Since becoming a mom, Perry has discovered a fullness and healing of past wounds. Daisy helped revive her childlike spirit of play. It’s clear motherhood has had a profoundly positive impact on Katy Perry’s perspective and priorities.

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