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Renee Rapp has opened up about the close bond she has developed with fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion, which extends far beyond their professional collaboration. The stars worked together on the song “Not My Fault” for the Mean Girls musical film soundtrack, released in January.

Promoting the project this month, Rapp and Megan have spent significant time together. Their mutual respect is evident from interacting with the media. When recently interviewed alongside her Mean Girls co-star Christopher Briney, Rapp glowingly praised Megan’s talents and personality.

She described Megan as having “the best a** I’ve ever seen in my life” and being “the coolest”. Rapp expressed how much of a fan she is of Megan’s successful music career. Beyond admiration for her work, Rapp hinted at a deep personal connection between the two.

However, Rapp made it unambiguously clear where she stands regarding Megan’s ongoing legal case. Alluding to Tory Lanez, who was convicted last year on charges related to shooting Megan in 2020, Rapp stated “I hate that man”. She passionately vowed to defend Megan against anyone bringing up the traumatic incident, saying she is “ten toes down” for her friend.


Both Megan and Lanez are yet to directly respond to Rapp’s show of steadfast loyalty. As their friendship strengthens outside of business, Rapp continues using her platform to publicly support Megan during a challenging time. Fans will watch to see if either artist acknowledges Rapp’s comments further.


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