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The directors of the recent Mean Girls movie musical discussed their creative process in a revealing interview. Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez shed light on how they approached adapting the iconic 2004 teen comedy for a new generation.

Naturally, faithfully including memorable lines from the original was a priority. The interview notes one such line – “You go, Glen Coco!” – and hints that omitting it may have sparked outrage. This prompted speculation about who could play the elusive Glen Coco in the remake.

Perez playfully wondered if pop star Harry Styles may be suited for the role. Jayne agreed Styles had the charm and charisma to capture Glen Coco’s spirit. However, she posited an intriguing alternative – acknowledging the self-aware fourth wall breaks in Mean Girls by suggesting “we are all Glen Coco.” This nod to the passage of time and the film’s enduring resonance was a clever twist.

Overall, Jayne and Perez demonstrated careful consideration for honoring what made Mean Girls a hit while putting their own creative stamp on it. Modernizing elements like referencing a contemporary celebrity felt authentic to the property’s satirical tone. Breaking the fourth wall with a message for both new and old fans confirmed their understanding and appreciation of the source material. Mean Girls on Broadway served as the inspiration, but this adaptation carved its own confident path with a mix of reverence and reinvention.

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