BTS member J Hope has plans, for his solo project set to debut at the end of March. The first part of this project will be the release of “Hope on the Street ” a documentary series consisting of six episodes that will be available for streaming on Prime Video starting March 28.

This documentary aims to provide viewers with a look into J Hopes professional experiences. J-Hope will travel to several cities with his former instructor, Boogaloo Kin, meeting inspiring street dancers along the way. Insiders say the series documents J-Hope pursuing “a dream connecting his past, present, and future.”

Just one day later, on March 29, J-Hope will release his second mini-album titled “Hope on the Street Vol. 1.” Drawing direct inspiration from the documentary, the six-track project aims to transport listeners back to J-Hope’s early years competing in underground dance competitions.

The album boasts an array of collaborations, including fellow BTS member Jungkook, hitmakers Benny Blanco and Nile Rodgers, rookie idol Huh Yunjin, and influential Korean rappers Gaeko and yoonmirae. Early previews suggest the record will showcase J-Hope’s immense musicality and versatility through diverse sounds and moods.

In typical fashion, J-Hope planned the documentary and album releases to complement each other perfectly. Fans are guaranteed fresh insight into the deeply personal stories behind J-Hope’s new music. Through this engaging solo venture, the talented artist seeks to share his journey from beginnings to grand stages. J-Hope continues to showcase why he is regarded as one of the figures, in the entertainment industry.

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