So, we did find some answers about this type of confusion that runs through every one of us. Some people create their playlists for the most likable songs, but others do it professionally to feature new songs/hits or for whatever reason.

While we were trying to figure out how to view that kind of perspective and whether it matters how long the playlist is, we found some authentic answers from some Reddit users.

The main focus of each and every playlist is mostly the mood, energy, transition vibes, and tempo.”

What we see is that for personal playlists don’t have specific rules for how long the playlist should be.

Our professional opinion is that the playlist should have no more than 75 to 100 tracks of the same genre, with either stable or progressive moods and energy.

You can think of it as a DJ set that starts low and gradually increases in energy level as it goes.

On the other hand, top commercial playlists are created by Spotify curators themselves and are related to a specific subject, genre, or era.

Ultimately, playlists are as diverse as the music they showcase.

You must understand the mood, energy, and flow of the tracks when curating a personal collection or creating a professional mix. There are no hard and fast rules for personal playlists, but we recommend keeping them between 75 and 100 tracks to ensure a coherent experience.

So, whether you’re exploring new sounds or listening to your favorite tunes, let the music guide you. Happy listening!


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