If you’re an independent musician grinding away in your home studio, you know how tough it can be to build buzz without industry connections. Finding professional management who have the bandwidth for up-and-comers seems next to impossible.

That’s where MNGRS.AI comes in; they’re on a mission to give DIY artists access to premium promo strategies without breaking the bank. And get this,their “manager” is an AI.

(c) 2018 jijomathaidesigners/Shutterstock.

Co-founders Alexandre Deniot and Thomas Quenoil have serious cred too, between them they’ve consulted the biggest labels in the business. Now they’re using that expertise to train an algorithm capable of assisting indies on a tight budget.

The process is simple: you tell their chatbot assistant some details about your sound + goals. It runs that data through its massive music knowledge base and spits back a customized six week rollout plan.

We’re talking social posts, email sequences, and tailored graphics, all optimized for organic reach. No more wasting hours drafting amateur campaigns.

And that’s just the beta! Eventually, MNGRS.AI will offer long-term roadmaps, deal memos, live show tips, you name it. All on-demand from your phone whenever inspo strikes.

Is AI the perfect substitute for a human manager? Of course not. But for underground artists drowning in “to-dos”, it might be a godsend. They are taking a big risk testing creative technology, we say we give them a chance. Your next hit could be just a chat away!

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