For Dua Lipa, chasing pop dreams led her from Kosovo to London at 15. Tenacity paid off with a self-titled debut and smash hits “New Rules” and “One Kiss.” By 2020, the Grammy winner seamlessly sparked joy in millions with “Future Nostalgia”‘s polished sounds.

Now, riding success, Dua’s curiosity pulls her sailing into open waters creatively. Beyond formula, “Radical Optimism” experiments with psychedelia, trip-hop, and live textures inspired by global touring. Collaborating widely, she fulfilled ambitions like working with revered artist Kevin Parker.

© Tyrone Lebon

The album’s essence, Dua hopes, resonates with her driven optimism. “It’s about community, empowerment,” she says, “Dance music has such a long history of creating such a safe space. And I just want to embody that” Curiosity also fuels her acting roles, media company, advocating for social issues, all with a discerning, globally aware sensibility.

For Dua, evolving remains a lifelong journey. Her “learned elasticity” stretches artistic boundaries on each trailblazing release. She cultivates her most vibrantly emotive work through creative spontaneity and trusted partners. Whether facing unseen challenges or basking in joy’s glow, Dua’s bubbling spirit inspires listeners to float freely through life’s unpredictable tides. Radical hope stems from riding each wave with happiness and gratitude for the voyage. The album is available now on Spotify.

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