Word on the street is that Apple aims to amplify the adoption of Dolby Atmos music through strategic compensation. Late last year, insiders leaked news that Cupertino planned to upscale royalty rates for songs tailored for their Spatial Audio format.

Emails to industry cronies signaled Apple’s intention to “increase streaming worth” for Atmos-optimized tracks. Any Ditty so-designed would see its coin count climb, whether listeners used supercharged AirPods or plain old buds.

Bloomberg has since backed these rumors with quotes from high-level heads. The new pay-scale supposedly drops next year, risking overnight profits for early Atmos adopters. Meanwhile, tardy artists may feel pressed to produce hybrids just to catch the cash wave, creativity be damned.

The risk of a sonic gold rush looms large. With coins to be made regardless of how folks really hear it, weakly-willed work could weigh down playlists. While Apple prohibits mere mashups, AI may soon prop up passable pastiches absent the human heart.

Of course, the barrier to binaural bliss has fallen fast. More masters now manage magic multidimensional mixing. And iPhone established Spatial Audio’s street cred with folks, far beyond hardcore.

With this power move, Apple perhaps aims to not only amplify Atmos, but overwhelm rivals resting on laurels. Both Spotify and royalty disputes draw fire, after all. Whether majors migrate meaningfully or mindlessly regurgitate remains misty.

One thing’s crystal clear – Apple intends to dominate the discussions about next-gen sound. Whether their methods enrich the ears of all listeners or just line pockets, passes judgment for now. Only time will tell how this song was truly sung.

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