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Adobe and TikTok have announced a blockbuster collaboration to bring the popular video platform’s Commercial Music Library straight to the editing bay of Adobe Express.

The new integration promises to level up any brand’s content game on TikTok. Adobe Express users will now have access to over a million pre-cleared songs from within the app’s easy-to-use interface. No more wasting precious production time navigating licensing – creatives can instantly add the perfect track to their viral video ideas.

The move is music to the ears of social media teams under pressure to harness viral moments. With a huge selection of top tracks across all genres at their fingertips, marketers can quickly leverage what’s trending to amplify their brand’s message. Even solo entrepreneurs launching a new shopfront will find inspiration in curated soundtracks customized for any TikTok campaign.

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But it’s not just about catching a wave – the partnership gives creative pros fresh workflow features to surf it in style. Direct editing within Adobe Express means seamless tweaking from ideation through to final share-worthy clips. No bouncing between apps means workflows stay smooth as butter.

Of course, we all know music plays a starring role in TikTok’s success. A whopping 88% of users say tunes are integral to feeling hooked by brand posts. Now Adobe users can be confident any TikTok post they craft will have fans stopping, looping, and buying with its perfectly pitched playlist.

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Tapping into the Commercial Music Library’s 2 billion video plays to date, the forces of Adobe and TikTok are combining their creative superpowers to help brands break out bigger than ever on the buzzing platform. With top talent Govind Balakrishnan and Andy Yang trumpeting the partnership, expect nothing but good vibrations flowing between the creative heavyweights.

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