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Ariana Grande’s latest single “Yes, And?” has drawn praise and criticism for its defiant tone in the face of ongoing commentary about her love life. Some listeners feel the song fails to acknowledge the hurt her past relationship choices may have caused.

The pop star is currently in a relationship with actor Ethan Slater, but their romance began shortly after both had separated from previous partners. Slater was still legally married, though dividing assets when news broke of his pairing with Grande.

In her new song, Grande addresses those who pass judgment on relationships not their own. “Why do you care so much whose [person] I ride?” she asks in one line. However, a source close to Slater’s estranged wife Lilly criticized Grande for showing no remorse over how her actions impacted their family.

“It’s disrespectful for her to claim victimhood without considering the pain felt by those directly involved,” the source asserted. Fans also debated whether releasing such a single at this time demonstrated insensitivity. Some felt the tune unfairly placed blame while others saw it as an affirmation of autonomy.

Grande and her team generally maintain the lyrics target gossip, not any one person. They emphasize how public figures often face undue speculation. Meanwhile, Lilly continues moving forward as a single mom, separate from her ex-husband’s new romance.

Legal split proceedings are still unfolding between Slater and his former partner. Grande has faced allegations of involvement before finalizing her divorce, which she denies. For now, she seems intent on owning her narrative through her art despite the divided reactions it sparks. Only continued time will reveal how openly this theme remains part of her future work.

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