Ariana Grande revealed the full tracklisting for her upcoming album “Eternal Sunshine” in a surprise announcement.

Fans have eagerly awaited details about Grande’s new project since she debuted the lead single “Yes, And?” back in January. While keeping most details under wraps, the pop star declined to release further singles saying she wanted listeners to experience the full work.

With the March 8th release date fast approaching, Grande gifted fans an unexpected reveal – a video posted to Instagram divulging all 13 song titles on “Eternal Sunshine”, along with snippets of handwritten lyrics.

Most intriguing was the disclosure of the sole guest appearing, Grande’s grandmother Nonna, who joins on the closing track “Ordinary Things”. It marks Grande’s first full collection of new music since 2020’s acclaimed “Positions”.

Grande will perform music from “Eternal Sunshine” live on “Saturday Night Live” on March 9th, hot on the album’s heels. She’s no stranger to the iconic show, having hosted and musically starred in 2016 after her debut in 2014.

When not working on music, Grande has had her hands full filming scenes for the Disney movie adaptation of the hit Broadway show “Wicked”. She takes the role of Glinda opposite Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba, with the first part slated for November 2024 and the second to follow in 2025. Fans can’t wait to experience Grande’s vision for “Eternal Sunshine” fully realized.

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