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Sabrina Carpenter had already made a name for herself on Saturday Night Live as the surprising musical guest. But the next day, she received praise from an not-so-expected source – pop legend Adele herself.

During her own highly anticipated Las Vegas concert, Adele took a moment to connect with her audience. “As I finally relaxed in bed after the show, Sabrina Carpenter’s new single ‘Espresso’ came on,” she said. “That song is my jam””

The shoutout from one of music’s biggest stars was a dream come true for Carpenter. In just a few short years, the former Disney actress had reinvented herself as a multifaceted pop artist. With “Espresso,” her blend of catchy melodies and vibrant production showed off her growth.

The song had already caught fire online with its upbeat video transporting viewers to a sunny coffee shop. Carpenter’s trajectory showed her dedication to following her passions, not genres.

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