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Rapper 50 Cent has continued targeting music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs with humorous jabs online and during live performances in recent weeks. After singer Jason Derulo commented to TMZ that he believed in “innocence until proven guilty” regarding Diddy’s ongoing legal issues, 50 quickly seized the opportunity to mock Jason on social media.

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Cent posted on Instagram implying that Derulo should avoid weighing in on others’ legal matters, lest it be revealed he appears in any undisclosed footage from parties filmed by Diddy, as alleged in a lawsuit. “Shut the fuck up ! 😆let me find out you on one of them tapes boy. @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi,” 50 wrote, much to the amusement of his followers.

During his set at the popular Dreamville Festival, 50 further roasted Diddy in front of the lively crowd. “I love you brother, no P Diddy,” he said playfully. In another show-stealing moment on Nicki Minaj’s tour, 50 hailed the attendees but added “even if you a little sex worker” – a clear jab at Diddy’s reported past associates.

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50 seems intent on keeping the hip-hop community chuckling at Diddy’s expense through his witty call-outs. While some view his jabs as crossing a line, 50’s comedic style ensures Diddy remains the butt of social media jokes amid his unresolved legal situations. It remains to be seen if Diddy will respond in kind or choose to rise above the playful ridicule.

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